These are games created for online competitions. These are listed chronologically.

RPN lib

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A reverse polish notation calculator written for the Ubuntu forums Beginner Programming Challenge #11


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2011 7 day roguelike

The Evil Spellmaster cast an arcane spell that transformed the literary world into his evil minions, your homeland Lexicon is in trouble! You are Wordrogue, an erudite lover of Lexicon, called upon to rid the Library of Knowledge from these foul, illiterate critters!


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2012 7 day roguelike entry

You are Topdog, The Puppy has been kidnapped by the Fat Cat Mafioso. You travel from yard to yard, searching for the crafty Cats holding her hostage. Along the way you meet other animals, and perhaps a bone or two.


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2013 - 7 day roguelike entry

Alive is a turn based top-down roguelike game. You play the role of a bot, a piece of programmed code crafted to a specific task. An object.
You begin the game as you reach self awareness, and start your journey to discover why you are and what you will become.

You move between BBS computer systems, you will encounter other programmed AI's that see you as a threat, a foreign object, and try to destroy you.

Along the way you may discover why this happened to you.
To find a way out from digital realm and become a physical entity.


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2013 PyWeek entry

"A falling block puzzle game crossed with a missile command tactical phase - now with added moon rocks!"

You manage the construction of moon bases: firstly as an engineer who pairs up barrels of Calcium extracted from the lunar surface, with barrels of H2O to form mooncrete, which is laid on the lunar surface as foundation.

Next you pair up various components to assemble your moon base buildings, radar dishes and gun turrets.

After a time your radars detect incoming asteroids, and you switch to the tactical role of blasting them out of the sky with your gun turrets.

I did not finish this in time for the compo deadline, yet I continue to work on it as post-comp project.


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2013 Ludum Dare 27


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2014 Ludum Dare 48

conspire is a small series of mini games created for Mini Ludum Dare #48, Jan 2014

Shape-Shift Escape

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2015 Ludum Dare 33

"You are a changeling monster locked up in a secret lab. You must escape before they test you to death!"

This is a point-and-click adventure game created using the SLUDGE game engine. Sound effects were generated with SFXR, Pixel art by myself.

I released a post-compo version that fixed and added a few things.

Post Comp Fixes



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2016 Ludum Dare 35

created in Löve 0.10.0

Tools Used

- Code: Löve 0.10.0 (
- Inkscape: Shape Generation (
- Sounds: Sfxr (
- Music: Milkytracker (

The song is called "polyshift" and created in Milkytracker.