Doom Mapping Experience Project

Learning to make Doom maps




To ensure fewer distractions from the process I invoke these limitations:

  1. No custom textures.
  2. No DM support.


  1. Avoid too much symmetry
  2. Proliferant floor and ceiling height changes
  3. A height change warrants a texture change
  4. Changing textures between neighbouring walls warrants an intermediary texture
  5. Texture doorways even if there is no door
  6. Prefer monster closets over teleport traps
  7. Plenty of contrast via light and textures
  8. Hide monster closets by flagging the linedef as "secret"
  9. Face enemies where you expect the player to enter
  10. Do not overpopulate ammo and health bonuses
  11. Limit the number of doors the player has to open, mostly only when necessary
  12. More windows between rooms