The name is inspired by the tall, black chasis that housed this demon - heavy as a granite tombstone - which embodied The Land of the Dead: when hell is full the dead shall walk the earth.

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My first desktop machine that was not canabalised from spare parts, this brownsville server mainboard and P4 core duo kept moving those cycles for many years.

This machine first ran Ubuntu 8.10 through 10.04, and hosted multiple other experimental dual-boots. The last few years was home to crunchbang and openbox, and later a myriad of tiling WM's... catwm, scrotwm, spectrwm and i3.

retired April 2014


The name is inspired from performing bitwise operations on binary data.

A cheeky 10" netbook of the MSI U100 variety, this little wonder ran a minimal openbox setup, along with pytyle for easy window management. It travelled quite a bit and is proof of what can be achieved with small screens.

Despite the mobile processor and small battery, it handled encrypted partitions with finesse. And don't even ask how I managed to GIMP on it, because I did and managed very well.

running strong


The name is inspired from the fictional supercomputer in many Isaac Asimov stories.

A red metal laptop, an *idea*pad z570, has spaced buttons that are great to press. The topside speakers make good noise.

It's multi-boot setup runs both stable and sid Debians of the Crunchbang flavour, customized with i3wm and hooked with xbindkeys.

main laptop


The name is inspired by those square things you punch numbers into to get other numbers out.

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This desktop served as a HTPC. It ran various editions of Crunchbang, XBMC, Geexbox and openELEC. Sometimes I would remotely control VLC from the Android phone.



The name is inspired by what it ran: GeexBox.

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This was calculator, reinstalled and renamed. It was the HTPC mark II, and played many a music video and zombie movies.

repurposed in April 2014


The name is inspired by mythical machines that have risen from the ashes.

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necropolis retired, geex was repurposed, and phoenix was born.

This machine can handle up to 3 operating systems, the main being a Debian rolling release on the testing repository. It runs both openbox and i3wm, and will likely get more window managers.