Reviews and Postmortem Read my reviews of the other great 7DRL entries. You can also read postmortem of Wordrogue here. What is this? This is my first entry for the Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge 2011, for more on what this is about, see this roguebasin page. You can read my development log here. The Game Story The Evil Spellmaster cast an arcane spell that transformed the literary world into his evil minions, your homeland Lexicon is in trouble! You are Wordrogue, an erudite lover of Lexicon, called upon to rid the Library of Knowledge from these foul, illiterate critters! You must clear each level of the Library of Knowledge, before ascending to the next, until you reach the very Apex of Knowledge! Download Get Wordrogue Here!

How To Run Run Wordrogue with Python 2.x, using this command: python wordrogue.py
If you run a *nix distro then you likely have Python already!

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