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20 August 2013

This update is brought to you by protein muffins and digital frenzies.

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New screens

New widgets

New rendering

New interaction commands

New other things


A redesigned main menu, those buttons slide in and out as menus change:

main menu

One of the update help screens:

help screen

The storage server room, lots of blinkenlichts:

the server room

The sick bay, for sick bots:

sick bay

A terminal screen:

a terminal screen

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21 July 2013

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notable changes

8 days ago by wesley (fcebf38): handle the info screen tabs: they can exist in multiple states, and clicking them swaps out the current state instead of pushing more onto the stack. win!

9 days ago by wesley (72094ab): create a UxTabButton that stays clicked, and unselects others in the same group if clicked.


using a sarcastic terminal:

using a sarcastic terminal

a preview of the new tileset:

a preview of the new tileset

electro-static zaps and bubble wrap

10 July 2013

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The button ui is integrated with player upgrades (abilities) now,with accompanying high-grade transparent-free icons. You don't get much better than those.

Rewrote the ui module (that is the thing draws buttons on the bright box in front of you). There was some code reshuffle and optimizations. The simple answer? It just feels better.

You can switch to any other AI, controlling them and their upgrades. Animated transisitions are smooth like soya cream.

All engine related stuff, not much of gameplay. These additions paves the way for ranged attacks and passive abilities.

The long version: Most time was spent on the internals.

Progress Update

28 June 2013

The first milestone now has a name: Y.T, after the streetwise fifteen-year old girl in Snow Crash.


in development

Some notable changes

  1. Busy on a branch to rework the Object interactions, these are the things that allow you to trigger other objects on the map, and show story dialogues. The changes allow for delayed interactions, and provide a cleaner command list IMO. See "Object Interactions" under the Dev page.

  2. (23610a2): center the viewport around the player if it is out of scope

  3. (acc5549): level 1 got servers and (2824700): server tiles! server

  4. (fcfa642): Ctrl+Function keys for debug events

  5. (15f0f09): created drawanimationscheatsheet() ^F2 to save a png of defined animations

  6. (d791372): update block matrix on character movement for los (line of sight)

  7. (00ae644): pep8 compliance :D

  8. (ecd70f7): real viewport handling for larger map sizes

I configured as much

18 Jun 2013

This post is brought to you by metal.

Moved the story data into a Config like file, we can have nested sections. It proves to show how much neater it all looks!

Notably I got line-of-sight working with the fog. It was an exciting moment.

Old animations config:

animations = {
    # flat small blue terminal
    41: {
            'frames': [41, 42],
            'fps': 0.2,
            'loop': -1,
    # flat large blue terminal
    43: {
            'frames': [43, 44],
            'fps': 0.3,
            'loop': -1,

New configuration:

[ animations ]

    [[ flat small blue terminal ]]
    gid = 41
    frames = 41, 42
    fps = 0.2
    loop = -1

    [[ flat large blue terminal ]]
    gid = 43
    frames = 43, 44
    fps = 0.3
    loop = -1

There is a new main screen

menu screen

Terminal views are now full screen

terminal screen

The dialogue system was reworked, it is now as smooth as silk. You can even skip transition effects and dialogues, something that bothered me before.

Electric fog

16 Jun 2013

This update is brought to you by git branching, hot drinks and popcorn.

I polished the fog that covers unseen and out-of-range map areas.

electric fog

This was a good rewrite.

you can now override ai modes and behaviour on a map level for nicer level immersion.

it now fits onto netbook screens


these can be stacked, so a 'updown, magnet' will patrol and then move toward you if you get too close.

The site is Alive

07 Apr 2013

This is the new site of Alive, the RPG. It is minimal at the moment but that is how we roll.

Have a cookie and enjoy browsing at your peril. pixel cookie good

That is all.