A falling block puzzle game crossed with a missile command tactical phase - now with added moon rocks!

You manage the construction of moon bases: firstly as an engineer who pairs up barrels of Calcium extracted from the lunar surface, with barrels of H2O to form mooncrete, which is laid on the lunar surface as foundation.

Next you pair up various components to assemble your moon base buildings, radar dishes and gun turrets.

After a time your radars detect incoming asteroids, and you switch to the tactical role of blasting them out of the sky with your gun turrets.


Currently in development. Best guess: 50% complete.

There are moving game panels and game states, score tracking and timers for each phase.

The puzzle phase is playable. You can pair up the various block-types to build your moon base. You can rotate the falling piece.

The arcade phase is playable. You have asteroids that come flying in, your gun turrets recharge and await your command. Blast radii can destroy asteroids, and a firing solution is drawn for you to see which turret will fire.

None of the graphics are used yet, placeholder images are sufficient while the gameplay is finalized.

puzzle phase


level win

Running Mooncrete

The game is written in Python, and uses the cross-platform SDL library PyGame. You will need to install both of those, and then run the "" file through Python:


Get the source code

Your options are:

GitHub: If you know this you can clone the repo from

Download: You can also get it as a zip from here.


You likely would have Python already, version 2.7 is recommended. Simply install pygame through your package manager. It is usually called python-pygame.


You will need to install Python if you do not have it already. Python version 2.7 is recommended, and PyGame version 1.9. It usually installs into C:\Python27 and registers .py files so you could click-click them in explorer. Essentially you open the .py file with c:\Python27\python.exe (or the closes match you can see).

Importantly, install the 32-bit versions of Python and PyGame even if you run 64-bit.