this prescribed noise here are some songs i made back when. i have since moved to another platform and operating system. these were learning experiments, i think they are still pretty fun though. headphones recommended. leave me a shout on :-) license my work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License this means you, monkey, are free to download, remix, file-share, copy, and webcast my work! you can't sell, or make any other commercial uses from it. you will get a spleen-eating worm infestation if you do! let me know if you do put it anywhere in the wild! credits audio clips taken from invader zim episodes for non-commercial use, this falls under fair use policy. thank you jhonen! your work inspires in a freakishly sick and enjoyable way. thank you for the nightmares, and for making us see that, sometimes, brain worms are a blessing in disguise. long as we don't bleed out our ears. open source these tracks were made using open source tools. why? because i can. because it's free, and because i support OSS. audacity for recording, editing and disfigurement of audio. hydrogen is a pattern-based drum programming system. tracking is done in psycle. many of the instruments i created within psycle too. indemnity i give no guarantee that any of this is digestible, these tracks are experimental missions, working technique without focus on any fixed structure. okay maybe some, but i was channeling most of it anyway. like giving the monkey a mallet; the typewriter wasn't making any sense. either way i hope it breeds worms in your head that eat your brains. playing ogg there are many media players you can use to play ogg files, i suggest using foobar. winamp also works.

hobo 13 "bring me my tanks!" the almighty tallest send zim to an elite military training planet where he hopes to prove himself worthy of receiving battle tanks, and where they hope he will be destroyed in a painful fashion. gimme

a room with a moose zim traps the kids in a modified school bus, flying through a worm hole. their destination? a room... with a moose! prepare for your moosey fate! gimme

placeholder of evil pushing morbid fascinations another step further. the mind of a killer is a terrible thing to taste, like a badly burned biscuit, and i found another level of sanity while making this one. gimme

a devil's party i had a dream where i was at a devil's dinner party. ghouls were serving drinks, and there were all kinds of yummy intestines and bloody goodness spread out on the table. monsters gorging themselves on other monsters, while mr devil watched.
For the final course, mr devil feasted off a silver platter, on the head of someone i don't particularly like. the skeleton band played this number during the gorging.

dark passenger eeriness! i dont remember much making this one, i woke up with hours of blurred memories, and this track. it was possibly during the egg-hatching in my skull. there's also a instrumental version. gimme

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